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Sarah Ngu

I was born in Borneo, Malaysia. My Malaysian Chinese family moved to the United States when I was 10 years old. I graduated from Columbia University and now live in Brooklyn. I attend Forefront Brooklyn Church.

I’m a cofounder of ChurchClarity, a database that aims to elevate the standard of transparency and clarity for policies that impact LGBTQ people and Women in Leadership within the church economy.

I also host the Religion & Socialism podcast, which is produced by Devin Briski and is hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America’ Religion and Socialism working group.

I occasionally work as a ghostwriter as well.

All pronouns (they/she/he) are okay.

I write and speak on religion, LGBTQ issues, class, and race.

Bylines: Vice, Jacobin, Sojourners, Public Radio International, South China Morning Post, The Slant, Democratic Left, and Splinter News.

I’ve spoken at Cornell University, Duke Divinity, Q Christian Fellowship and The Reformation Project on my latest research project, “Is Queerness a White Invention?” My project explores indigenous histories of queerness, mainly in Southeast Asia but also in other parts of the world, with a focus on the ways in which different religions, indigenous and colonial, have marginalized, accommodated, or respected queer folks. My plan is to turn this project into a book.

Twitter (@sarahngu)